August 21 9:36pm central

Production has been upgraded. Interfaces may take more time than normal to catch up. Users may see some slowness or performance issues while records are re-aggregated under the new system code over the next week. Please contact us if you discover any issues.

PROD downtime is coming

August 12 14

Production upgrade is scheduled for Monday, August 19th Wednesday, August 21st. We are working with Cerner to finalize times for this upgrade & the downtimes to user access as well as the downtime to data interfaces. Details will be posted here when they are finalized.

LACIE PROD is now officially in a code freeze. Changes and PECA’s will all need to be scheduled for a date AFTER the upgrade has completed & stabilized.

The downtime will begin at 5pm central and is estimated to take 4 hours. User access and interfaces will be impacted! The system will be re-processing all records for aggregation once the upgrade is completed, so system performance may be slow initially while the aggregation scripts re-run.


July 29

Participant testing period has ended. If you still discover any issues, please still log them directly to Cerner or report them to LACIE Staff and we will try to get it resolved shortly after the production upgrade occurs.

Production upgrade and downtime details will be shared once the details are finalized.


July 16

Participant testing is available NOW and ends on Friday, July 26th. All testing should occur in NON-PROD. Please contact your IT-team or EMR-vendor to determine if you have a test system connected with our test system (LACIE CERT) so you can complete your testing.

Issues or concerns can be reported to Jacob Jordan.

July 15

LACIE & Participant testing should be available soon. This is with LACIE-CERT (not PROD) so be sure to validate with your IT-team or EMR-vendor if you have a test-system connection that is actively connected with LACIE-CERT before testing or reporting issues to LACIE.


July 2

Cerner has postponed the upgrade to LACIE. We apologize for the delays. The LACIE-CERT (test system) is now in a code-freeze. Changes requested with the HIE system itself, including those needed for issue resolution, will not be available again until after the upgrade is fully completed in both CERT and Production-PROD.

Important dates:

  • July 9 – CERT will be down much of the day for the upgrade processes and installation.
  • July 9-14 – Cerner will complete internal testing validating the upgrade installation was successful. LACIE Staff and Participating organizations are not encouraged to do any testing at this time.
  • July 15 – LACIE & Participating organizations may begin testing. Only 2 weeks are available for all testing to be completed. This includes re-testing of any issues you report (so if you wait until the last day to do any testing, there likely will not be any opportunity to troubleshoot any issues you find, apply fixes for them, or allow you to re-test them before this testing window closes and unfixed code goes to Production).
  • July 26 – by EOB, testing ends
  • July 29 – Cerner will begin staging Production for the upgrade

Additional dates around the PROD downtime and upgrade will be provided closer to the end of the testing period. Please check back here for updates.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan and Jacob.