One size does not fit all

Nationally recognized standards, Meaningful Use, and others have helped modernize the health care industry. Electronic Medical Record vendors have improved their technology to support some of these standards and help their customers qualify for some of Meaningful Use in a variety of ways. But when it comes to specific initiatives, the traditional HIE services and standards “cookie cutter” workflow may fall short of a communities needs.

Introducing HMS

With advanced technology made possible through Health Metric Systems (HMS), we have developed and now offer LACIE Private Select services. This ground-breaking approach solves most of the formidable challenges in interoperability through sharing of information across platforms, applications and settings. LACIE Private Select allows for the extraction of permissioned data directly from multiple levels of providers’ and payers’ Electronic Health Record, registration or practice management systems.

Working with HMS, we have developed LACIE Private Select where information is moved/shared in a completely HIPAA-compliant manner using HMS’ Solution for Quality Improvement (SQI) platform and “HIPAA Control” technology. The SQI platofmr works with any EMR, as its forward-thinking technology layers over and between existing IT infrastructure.