Multiple strategies for varying needs

Our years of experience with electronic health information exchange has made evident that HIE-services are not a 1-size-fits-all utility. Nationally supported standards, federal program like Meaningful Use, and others have come a long way to broaden the adoption of electronic medical record systems and health information exchanges but gaps still exist. While multiple standards may exist for EMR-vendors, they often do not enable all of them to allow their customers to chose the standards that best fit their needs and workflows and best serve their customers.

LACIE hopes to empower providers to best serve their patients with a choice in the electronic health information exchange services that they need. With LACIE 1.0, providers may participate in a traditional query-based exchange that utilizes the same standards used at most other HIEs across the nation. With LACIE Private Select, providers instead participate in specific initiative-based network(s), we call them cohort(s), so they may focus resources and care that is important to them and their community.