It’s already that time again!

LACIE & Liberty Hospital have been working on connecting for several months. An issue has been found that requires an upgrade to be performed to the LACIE system for us to continue their onboarding with LACIE. This planned upgrade is expected to resolve this newly found issue.

Also included in the upgrade should be some improvements with merge-transaction processing within the LACIE MPI. Those who are sending A40-Merge transactions or PIXv3-Merge transactions may find the merges are not always completing in the HIE, and we’ve identified multiple different errors associated with these failures. Some of these errors are expected to be addressed with the upgrade, but some of them are known to not yet be resolved. We still would like to ensure some specific ADT-merge transactions are tested with this upgrade.

This will upgrade LACIE from 13.7.9 to 12.18.2. Yes, the numbers do appear to be going down from 13 to 12, but it is still an upgrade. Cerner has modified the release schedule and versioning of their HIE software. 12.18.1 was introduced after 13.8.6.

  • The final two numbers (in our case .18.2) represent the year.quarter the release was made available.
  • The first number, 12, will likely remain constant over the next few years unless a “major” upgrade is available that they deem worthy of an update to this first number.

LACIE is also now required to remain within 3-releases of the “latest code” available. This means we will be upgrading again with 12.19.1 (or sooner) in order to not lose support of the HIE by Cerner. Recently, LACIE has tried to upgrade no more than once per year, so we will do our best to minimize this upgrade schedule to at least the minimal 9 months now imposed by Cerner. As usual, critical or patient safety issues and also new participant onboarding’s should be the only reasons we would consider upgrading sooner.

Other information:

  • Additional improvements and fixes included in the upgrade do not appear to specifically impact LACIE at this time.
  • No changes to EMR-outbound interfaces are expected with this upgrade.
  • No changes to XCA Partner connections are expected with this upgrade
  • No changes to Portal, CommunityView, or other EMR-integrated access configurations are expected with this upgrade.
  • No changes to the user experience is expected with this upgrade.


LACIE CERT is planned to be upgraded on Monday, May 14th. This will require a CERT-downtime, but a specific time has not yet been shared by Cerner on when this will exactly occur. As usual, downtimes do temporarily impact interfaces, XCA connections, testing efforts, etc. All connections and transactions should resume normal functionality and catch-up (if queued) once the upgrade is completed.

Testing with LACIE CERT is being limited to approximately 4 weeks. A new Stage process will occur after testing is done and before production is upgrade. If we remain on schedule, PROD should be upgraded by or before June 28th.

Update (6/25/2018):

Cerner has installed an additional patch ( to fix a critical memory leak issue in the HIE MPI service. Also resolved is an issue with OID translations in the Aggregated CCD document generated by the HIE system (OID values were not always being translated to the source name).

We are adjusting our timelines for this upgrade as follows:

  • Testing (with LACIE CERT) to continue through July 6
  • Production upgrade the week of July 9


Update (7/9/2018):

Currently, no critical or patient safety issues have been reported or turned into LACIE. Therefore, the upgrade is proceeding as planned. Cerner has scheduled us for the production upgrade for Wednesday, July 11th. The downtime for the upgrade will begin at 5:00PM Central and is expected to take 4-hours to complete.


Update (7/11/2018):

The upgrade was completed at approximately 7:45pm on Wednesday, July 11th. Please notify Jacob Jordan and Ryan Harper if you discover any issues.