The Lewis And Clark Information Exchange is looking to schedule and host the next LACIE Participants meeting, but we need your help!

  • Agenda
    • Do you have questions or concerns about LACIE that you’d like to discuss?
    • Are there community initiatives your organization is participating (currently or in the near future) in that may include patient transitions of care?
    • Would you like to hear about our latest connections, upcoming projects or enhancements that are coming soon?
    • Please let us know what agenda topics you’d like us to cover!
    • Submission deadline for agenda topics will be approximately 1-week prior to the meeting, once the date is finalized for it…
  • Date & Time
    • Please check your calendars for May and June.
    • If you have agenda topics, such as community initiatives, please include the initiative experts in this meeting so they can directly discuss with the other participating organizations how LACIE may be helpful with that initiative.

To submit agenda topics or date-time suggestions for this meeting, please send them in an email to