LACIE is EMR-vendor neutral!

Access to LACIE can be embedded into numerous nationally certified EMRs allowing providers to access LACIE community data without leaving their native EMR or needing a separate sign-on. EMRs that have connected to the Clinical Exchange Platform utilized by LACIE include:

Allscipts, Epic, InterComponentWare, Amazing Charts, GE Centricity, Meditech, AthenHealth, Glostream, Misys, Cerner, gMed, NextGen, CommChart, Greenway, Praxis, CPSI, Healthvision, Prognosis, eClinicalWorks, iMED Corp, Sage, SuccessEHS, Ingenious Med, Sage intergy, e-MDs, Siemens, Encite, Integritas, SOAPware Inc.

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