LACIE-HIE is planning to begin the next upgrade & all participants are encouraged to test their connections, paths of access, and their data exchange with us. LACIE CERT, our test domain, will be upgraded first and that is scheduled to be completed on Tuesday, November 14th at 1PM (Central). This outage will take at least 30 minutes but could be up to 2 hours before access or testing should occur.

  • LACIE-staff will use existing CERT test patients to confirm the upgraded domain is ready over the following week or two through the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Participating organizations should be prepared to begin testing by December 4th and will have 2-weeks to complete their testing & report any issues found to LACIE-staff. This should include any re-testing after changes or fixes are applied, so please do not wait until the December 15th testing deadline to begin.
  • Assuming no patient safety or critical issues are found & reported, LACIE PROD could be upgraded as early as December 27th but will likely occur sometime in January 2018.



Data contributing participants (those with ADT, ORU, CCD-CCDA, PIXv3 or other interfaces that push data to the LACIE database):

  • Test patients are being sent out in an email with a link to this page on Tuesday, November 7th (these are the same test patients that were requested back on October 12th, so a few of you may have already created them). If your organization has not already created those test patients & documented a variety of clinical data that you are able to share on each of them – please do so.
  • Please also plan to use some unique test patients of your own that will not be mixed with data from other organizations. This will give you a focused view of your own information to make testing & validation of your information easier.


XCA-Cross Community Access participants (AHS, KU & NKCH):

  • As mentioned above, we plan to use the same test patients that had been requested back on October 12th. If you cannot find that email or do not have it, please contact LACIE staff to request it.


If additional shared test patients are wanted or needed, please feel free to work directly with your community participants. You can also send a request to LACIE staff with the specific test patient details you’d like others to create & we can help communicate these to the other LACIE participants.