HIE Guidance for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Attention all participating care organizations

April 3, 2020

Thank you to State of Missouri and Department of Social Services for providing this information and detail (see next link), and we are happy to help make this available to all LACIE Participating organizations.

Please select and open the linked PDF document for COVID Guidance – HIE Guidance for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

$9.3 million to design and implement a Provider Health Information Exchange (HIE) Onboarding Program announced

Missouri HealthNet press release details $9.3 million in funding for an HIE Onboarding Program!! Health Information Exchange Onboarding Program. Program details are available at: https://dss.mo.gov/mhd/hie-onboarding/

Please Contact Us if you have questions or would like to see if your organization may qualify for these funds by participating with LACIE!

Congratulations Olathe Health System, Inc!!

Congratulations Olathe Health!!

December 12, 2019

Olathe Health has successfully gone LIVE with their expanded data sharing! Thank you to Tammy, Debbie, and the OHSI team for all the hard work to expand your HIE data sharing with LACIE!

Olathe Health System, Inc, data sharing with LACIE includes (as of Dec 12, 2019):

  • Patient Demographics
  • Problems
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedures List
  • Medications List
  • Allergies List
  • Immunizations List
  • Visits
  • Vitals Signs
  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Results
  • History & Physical reports
  • Discharge Summary reports
  • ER Reports
  • Clinic Summaries
  • Many other narrative physician reports

*New items shown in blue (please visit LACIE-NEWS if the colors are not displaying in your email)

Planned downtime notification MPI 2.0

LACIE production is currently scheduled for an extended downtime (3-4 hours approximately) on Tuesday, December 3rd, for implementation of the new MPI 2.0 solution. Please see the LACIE NEWS page for details and updates as they become available. Click the “Follow” button on our website if you would like to receive these notifications in your email inbox!

Additional testing continues with a few remaining issues still being vetted. This extended downtime will still occur in the near future, but a specific date is not yet available. Updates will be shared as soon as possible.