Planned downtime notification MPI 2.0

LACIE production is currently scheduled for an extended downtime (3-4 hours approximately) on Tuesday, December 3rd, for implementation of the new MPI 2.0 solution. Please see the LACIE NEWS page for details and updates as they become available. Click the “Follow” button on our website if you would like to receive these notifications in your email inbox!

Lab Collection date-time values coming soon!

A major change is coming to the HIE to add a column to the Lab Widgets. This additional information will also be added to the Aggregated CCDA document generated by the HIE for those who query-and-retrieve it.

This change may seem small to users and viewers of the HIE data, but there is a big impact because this change is global, impacting all sources to the HIE, and also impacts data-transactions already shared to the HIE, past-information!

All organizations sharing lab data with LACIE should evaluate their current configurations before November 22nd!! We are also asking all organizations sharing Lab information to send a notification to Jacob Jordan by EOB Nov 22 to either confirm your organization should be ok with this change or notify us that your organization may have a conflict with these plans.

As usual, please visit the LACIE News Page for additional details.